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The Lead Generator VAR / Rep Program

Introduction to the VAR Program


As you probably already know, the Lead Generator is a unique and powerful business development platform that is designed to provide users with highly qualified sales leads - the single most important asset that a business can have.

Because of the way it's designed, the Lead Generator can also provide businesses (and consumers, for that matter) with an easy way to reduce costs, and improve service and quality, on virtually everything they buy. It can even help you find a new and better job, issue RFPs, expand your network, and find strategic partners too - saving you enormous amounts of time, money and effort.

But the Lead Generator's most important benefit lies in its unique ability to put salespeople and marketers in direct contact with real decision makers who need their company's products or services, and who want to talk with them about how they can help.

This means that by using the Lead Generator, users can find sales leads that actually close - at a fraction of the cost, and for a fraction of the energy, time, effort and risk when compared to virtually any other solution. In fact, the Lead Generator can change the way people do business.

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For More Information about the Lead Generator

You can learn more about how the Lead Generator works at In particular, take a look at the Overview page, the Intro page and the Benefits page. You can also see a graphic showing how it works at How the Lead Generator Works. But think of it being basically like a "dating site for businesses," in that it matches businesses that have needs with businesses who can fulfill those needs.

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how the Lead Generator works, click here

For a detailed slide deck (in PDF form) of
how the Lead Generator works, click here

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The VAR / Rep Program

While many companies are perfectly capable of finding new customers for themselves on the Leads Generator, some could use a little help. They may need a little coaching. They may need a better marketing program. Or they may even need a "matchmaker." And that's where the VAR/Rep program comes in. It enables you - the VAR or Rep - to actually help our mutual clients find more leads, just like a matchmaker or dating app brings people together.

In that sense, the Lead Generator VAR / Rep Program has three purposes. The first, of course, is to expand the user pool - because the more users there are, the more leads there are. The second, from the users' perspective, is to enable users to get a high level of very personalized support so that they can get the maximum benefit from the Lead Generator, and the maximum ROI on their available resources. And the third is to enable you, the VAR or Rep, to earn substantial commissions - potentially worth many thousands of dollars per month or more - as well as gain access to additional revenue opportunities by enhancing demand for other services.

To help achieve these goals, this Web site ( serves two functions:

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  1. Our first goal is to help you promote the Lead Generator successfully to potential new users. This includes help promoting it to your regional business community, online prospects, networking groups, prospect lists, current customers of your other services, and other potential new subscribers. Anyone who either buys something or sells something is a prospect, and so we want to help you get the word out to them, and get them signed up and successful.

    To aid your marketing efforts, of course, we can provide you with prospect lists, marketing tools, invitations, content, presentation decks, coaching, business cards, and - most importantly - a Promotion Code (and links) so that you can get credit for your efforts. We also have sales training material and videos, as well as customized sales aids that we can provide.
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  1. Our second goal is to help you support your users if you choose to provide such support and pursue upsells, because that's where the real money is. That is, some users may opt for the free trial subscription. (Remember that non-paid subscribers add a lot of value to the system by posting their information.) But we've found that most users want all the help they can get marketing their businesses. So if you help them use the Lead Generator - which directly helps them market their businesses - you can earn a significant commission on the Support Subscription and advertising on the system, as well as on pull-through services (e.g. lead generation, PR, SEO, SMM, email marketing, telemarketing, etc.) that we provide.

    Depending on how much support you choose to provide, this might entail helping them to register and post their initial entries, and/or coaching them on how to search for leads and solutions. It could also include your having access to powerful tools, such as the "MatchMaker" function, that you can use to help your users find leads and opportunities - while at the same time enabling you to differentiate yourself as a uniquely valuable resource. By providing even a modest level of support, though, you can insure your subscribers' delight, your success, leadership in your business community, and a continuing - and potentially substantial - stream of income.

It's as easy as 1-2-3. But however you choose to market the LeadGenerator, at JV/M we're here to help you - and your subscribers - succeed!

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Three Levels of Participation

If you decide that you would like to participate in the Program, there are three levels available, each building on the previous.

  1. Marketing - As a Marketing Partner, your role is to tell other people (e.g. at networking meetings) about the Lead Generator. If someone expresses interest, simply give them your Lead Generator business card, and send their contact information to us for follow-up and sale. If this is the only part of the program you choose to participate in, we will pay you a commission based on those users who opt to become paying subscribers.

  2. Support - As a Support Partner, you can in addition choose to provide personalized support to users who subscribe under your Promotion Code. Under this option, you can earn commissions based on paid subscription fees and advertising revenues associated with your Promotion Code.

  3. Agent - As an Agent, you can, in addition, earn override commissions based on subscription and advertising revenues generated by Partners who you introduce to the program. You must maintain a minimum of 50 paid Support Accounts in order to participate in this part of the program.

Note that there is no cost to you for participating in this program.

The Fine Print

You can read more about strategies for promoting, selling and supporting the Lead Generator in the Sales Plan, but if you decide that you would like to participate in the Lead Generator VAR Program, note the following:

  • You'll need to Register and sign a Sales Agency Agreement, and be approved as a VAR (i.e. Partner) in order to participate in this program.

  • You'll also need to let us know which parts of the program you want to participate in (e.g. marketing, support, rep-referral, etc.) submit a Marketing Plan outline telling us how you plan on marketing the system, and participate in periodic reviews, strategy sessions and training.

  • Finally, if you also want to participate in the rep-referral program, you'll need to maintain a minimum of 50 Support Accounts subscribed under your own Promotion Code.

In order for you to get credit for selling Lead Generator Support Accounts, we will provide you with a personalized Promotion Code, and access to sales aids and training material. But when you are successful in promoting and selling Support Accounts, you will earn commissions on the monthly and/or annual subscription and advertising fees paid by paying users who register using one of your Promotion Codes, based on the current commission plan.

Note that you may also, if you want, recruit other sales agents to promote and sell the Lead Generator, provided that you maintain the required minimum number (currently 50) of Support Accounts under your own Promotion Code. If you recruit other sales agents, and they are accepted and successful, you can earn an override commission on revenues derived from their efforts, which is also shown on the commission plan.

Also note that, since the key to long term success is providing support for your users (i.e. consulting), we have tools that can help you do that, as well. Besides any other services you may provide, support includes helping them to register, helping them post their initial entries, and helping them search for leads and solutions. This is the core "Account Manager" role that is designed to generate recurring revenues for you from "support accounts." But by providing support you can also help increase your customer's satisfaction, as well as open up an additional consulting revenue stream for yourself.

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In brief, the Lead Generator VAR Program is designed to help you earn a substantial and ongoing income from your marketing and consulting efforts, while enabling you to provide a highly valuable service to a huge potential market. But the bottom line is that, depending on which methods you use to promote the system and how aggressively you implement them, you should be able to earn a significant income from very modest efforts, all at virtually no cost to you.

Next Steps

To get started, click below to register, call JV/M at 856-638-0399 x101, or email us at, to register for success!

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