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Telemarketing Script for the Lead Generator

Telemarketing can be a very cost-effective way to get subscribers for the Lead Generator. This is because with telemarketing you don't have to attend networking meetings - where you might have to pay for membership, gas or food. And you don't incur the postage expense of direct mail, - or the low response rates of email marketing. But you do need to know how to make a good cold call, which we'll explain to you how to do below.

Keep in mind, though, that telemarketing the Lead Generator is not generally going to result in a "one call close." (You may actually be able to generate subscriptions directly if you leave a good voice-mail message, but if you engage with the prospect you will probably have to do it twice.) This is primarily because the system is going to be new and unfamiliar to most people in your territory at first. Consequently, it will probably take two calls to close, at least until you get a user base, and some word-of-mouth. But your close rate should nevertheless be very high because of the low cost and high value of the system.

Telemarketing the Lead Generator in a two-call-close process works as follows:

  1. In the first call:
    • Identify and contact the decision maker (business owner, purchasing manager, sales manager or marketing manager).
    • Give a good opening or Initial Benefit Statement.
    • Qualify them as being interested in increasing their sales and/or reducing costs, and introduce them to - and stimulate initial interest in - the Lead Generator as a solution using good questioning techniques (described below).
    • If they express interest, point them to the site (
    • Explain how the system works (graphic)
    • Optionally schedule a time to demo the Lead Generator for them.
    • It is recommended that you send them the link to the site, and/or the pdf brochure, via email to maintain interest until the follow-up call.
    • Sometime during the call, be sure to confirm their needs (e.g. for higher sales, reduced costs, and/or increased profitability), and the value of a solution, as that is what you're going to close on.
    • If they want a demo, ask them to be prepared for it (this is the Advance) by having them pull together their Company Description, their company's Products and Services list, and especially their company's Needs/Purchasing Requirements (e.g. a list of accounts from their accounts payable system); also their Organization Chart, and maybe some Leads and Ads - so you'll be able to show them how the system works (and maybe even generate some real sales leads for them) using their own data.
    • Be sure to "trial close" them on a successful proof-step/demo ("If I can show you that we can generate qualified leads for you, would you subscribe?")
    • Be sure to confirm the time and date of the demo, and make sure that they put it in their calendar.

  2. In the follow-up call:
    • Remind them about what they were looking for (higher sales, reduced costs, increased profitability, etc.,) and their agreement to subscribe if you can prove that the system works.
    • Conduct a "live demo" by screen-sharing with the prospect using GoToMeeting, iChat, Join.Me, Skype, etc.
    • You may want to explain to them again how the system works using a few PowerPoint slides (i.e. while looking at your screen) or showing them the graphic.
    • Then walk them through the process of registering and putting in their initial data in the system while looking at their screen.
    • If possible, find them a lead while you're on the phone with them.
    • Once they see value of the Lead Generator in action (i.e. posting their data and doing a quick search) you should then be able to get them to subscribe so they can run the searches on their own, and get their own leads.
    • Ask if they would instead want a support account, for only $49.95/month, where you run the system for them.

Note that because there is already quite a bit of data in the system, there is a high probability that you will be able to actually produce some good leads for the prospect, which will increase their motivation to subscribe. But even a "proximity shot" can be convincing.

As you can see, screen-sharing enables you to demonstrate the system, and prove its value, quickly and conveniently over the phone. You can also use it for training, and to help coach your users remotely. But its greatest value is to enable you to telemarket the Lead Generator, and get that two-call close, for no more than a small investment of time.

Call Openings

Once you've identified the person responsible for sales or marketing, or the business owner, you'll need a good Initial Benefit Statement (IBS) that you can use in your opening, or as a voice mail message. (You should always leave a good voice mail message, with a good IBS, if you don't connect - so as not to waste the dial.) The following are two effective examples:

  • Good morning. My name is [name], and I'm calling from the Lead Generator. is an online sales and marketing solution designed to provide businesses like [name the company] with highly qualified sales leads. What we mean by that is that it provides you with direct contact with real decision makers who need your company's products (or services), and who want to talk with you about how you can help. It can also help you save money on everything you buy, find new employees, and more. But the most important thing is that the Lead Generator is FREE.

    In any event, the reason for my call today is to tell you a little bit about the Lead Generator, find out a little bit about what your needs might be in this area, and see if the Lead Generator can help.

    If you connect with the person:
    • Is your company interested in either increasing its sales, or lowering its costs?
    If you get voice mail:
    • If you get this message, if you can give me a call back at [number], I'd appreciate it. Or, if you'd like to generate qualified sales leads today, just go to and register using Promotion Code [your Promo Code] so I can provide you with any support you might need. Thanks very much, and I look forward to speaking with you.

  • Good morning. My name is [name], calling from the Lead Generator, at The Lead Generator is a FREE online marketing solution designed to provide you with highly qualified sales leads, no matter what business you're in.

    The reason for my call today is to tell you a little bit about the Lead Generator, find out a little bit about what your needs might be in this area, and see if there's a fit and a reason to talk further.

    If you connect with the person:
    • Are you involved in growing your company's sales?
    If you get voice mail:
    • If you'd like to check it out yourself, just go to; and if you register using Promotion Code [your Promo Code]. That way I'll be able to provide you with any support you might need. Thanks very much, and I look forward to helping you grow your company's sales.

Probing Questions

If you get the person on the phone, and they agree to have a brief conversation with you, one of the best techniques for selling the Lead Generator (or anything, for that matter) over the phone is by asking probing questions. Asking good questions is the key to qualifying the prospect, uncovering needs, creating urgency, and building value efficiently - which is what enables you to close quickly. The following, therefore, is a set of questions you can use:

  • (Qualifying Question) Are you responsible for your company's sales? (If not you, who?)
  • (Qualifying Question) What are your main goals and challenges with respect to your company's sales?
  • (Qualifying Question) How are you currently finding new business?
  • (Qualifying Question) Would you be willing to tell other people what your company needs in order to find out what other companies need?
  • (Pain Question) How do you feel about the cost and effectiveness of your current marketing approach?
  • (Pain Question) What happens if you can't make your numbers?
  • (Pain Question) What happens if you can't get your cost-of-sales down?
  • (Pain Question) Is it a problem for you if you can't get your revenues up?
  • (Consequence Question) If you can't get more, and better quality, sales leads, who does that impact?
  • (Consequence Question) If you can't provide your salespeople with good leads, what will happen?
  • (Consequence Question) If you don't fill your funnel with qualified leads this month, what happens to your forecast for next period's sales?
  • (Benefit Question) If you had a way to generate new sales that took less time, was more effective, and cost less, what would that mean for you?
  • (Benefit Question) If you had a way to find real, qualified sales leads - leads that closed - right from your computer, 24/7, for FREE, what would that enable you to do that you couldn't do before?
  • (Benefit Question) If you had a way to increase your sales, and reduce your costs simultaneously, how would that help your business?

As you can see, asking good questions can uncover the prospect's need for more sales, for a better way to grow his business, and for a way to reduce costs. You can then propose the Lead Generator as a solution - which he'll be glad to consider because, if it works, he'll save time and money, while increasing his sales.

This same set of questions, by the way, can be used on the initial call, and it can be used to frame the conversation around the demo. So, in a sense, it's a one-call close; you just run the same call twice - with a demo as the "proof step" on the second call.

By the way, we can provide you with call lists, if you need them. We can also provide you with one-on-one coaching in effective telemarketing techniques, as well as more detailed training. Just let us know what you need.

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