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The Business Card: Your Best Sales Aid

When selling, sometimes "less is more."

For example, while there are many sales aids and Web pages available to help you promote the Lead Generator, it turns out that, sometimes, all you really need to do is just let people know it exists. And the easiest way to do that is to hand them a business card.

After all, the name tells them everything they need to know. "The Lead Generator" - It must be something that generates leads, right?

Not surprisingly, the name gets the basic idea across: That the Lead Generator can provide users with highly qualified sales leads.

When you talk to potential users, of course, you can add that the way the system works is by letting the user trade access to information that they have (e.g. their own needs,) in order to get access to information that they want (i.e. the identities of people who need their company's products and services.) But there's no mystery that they have to figure out in the name. It's not a HubSpot, or a Marketo, or a Zoho, or a Splurf. Do you want to generate leads? Use the Lead Generator. Do you want to know how to find it? It's at

To insure that you get credit for the sale, of course, we'll print your promotion code on the back so your users will have when they register. But that's all you really need.

Add a handshake, and you're done.

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