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Vol. 2 Issue 2 The Newsletter for B2B Sales Professionals  Jun. 25, 2024
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The Lead Generator:
Introduction and Overview

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Location: Hyatt Place Mt. Laurel
8000 Crawford Place
Mt. Laurel, NJ

The Lead Generator is the most innovative and powerful solution to the problem of finding new business in the market today. Learn how the system works, how it can save you money, and how it can make you money at this FREE seminar.

The session will also include system training, and a unique networking opportunity for you to find new business. So come prepared to sell something - for FREE!

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System Status

January saw over 50 new users register for the Lead Generator in just the SNJ region - with an average of 16 leads apiece in the database. That's over 750 qualified leads!

Did you check the Lead Generator for your leads?

What are you waiting for?

Leverage Your Buying Power with
the Lead Generator

Tips and Tricks:
What Do You Do When
Nobody's Buying Anything?!

The recession has caused many companies to cut fat, muscle and bone - to the point where there's often no one there to make a decision.

And where you used to have to show an immediate payback, now even that doesn't work. So what do you do?

Many companies have cut so much that they don't even have time to consider changing vendors. If that's what you're running into, then you have to build the business case for your customer - before you try to get in the door.

Flying below the radar, do your homework uncovering needs, pain, problems and unmet goals - before you try to get in. Then go in with the business case already made, and all the decision maker has to do is sign the contract.

But remember that you have to be customer-specific. Generic solutions, or assumptions about their needs, won't cut it. Talk to non-decision makers to get the information you need.

Have Questions about
Using the Lead Generator?

With the start of 2010 and the introduction of our new user interface, the Lead Generator now has telephone-based support, an online chat, and an online Forum for all users.

We're here to help! Click here to get started.

What's the Easiest Way
to Get More Leads?

The more users that are on the Lead Generator, the more leads there are. You can help yourself get more leads, of course, by uploading your business contacts to the site.

We'll invite your contacts to join, either anonymously or by referral at your choice. And we'll invite their contacts to do the same - and their contacts, and their contacts. So you'll have more contacts, and more leads.

It's very simple - the more you put in, the more you get out.
If you've been taught to recite your company's "30-second commercial" on a moment's notice expecting it to help you get sales, get ready for a BIG surprise: 30-second commercials don't work!

The 30-second commercial is a training device developed in the 80's to help new salespeople learn their company's pitch. But if you've been selling for more than about a week-and-a-half, you ought to be well past needing these training wheels. Asking questions is much more effective.

In fact, your 30-second commercial usually wastes your time, and that of your prospect. And the chances of it connecting to your prospect's needs are, at best, remote. Mostly, it just reduces your chances of selling successfully. More/Less

Pop Quiz:
What Do You Call a Salesperson
Who Doesn't Want a Qualified Lead?

The obvious answer is "unemployed." But this wasn't a joke for one of our clients. We generate hundreds of leads and appointments per month for this client, but some of their salespeople were simply ignoring them.

It turned out that some salespeople had more leads than they could handle. And so the solution was to split their territories and add more reps.

Other salespeople just wouldn't get with the program. They received training; and those who started working the leads kept their jobs.

And the rest got the new Job Title.

JV/M Helps a Distributor Land 2 New National Accounts

JV/M offers professional telemarketing, lead generation and executive appointment-setting services for companies that want to increase their sales in the B2B market - including a nationwide distributor of industrial supplies.

According to their National Sales Manager in her introduction to their 2010 Sales Planning Process: "JV/M is a key contributor to our success by providing qualified national account prospects to us to close."

Need help making your numbers in 2010? All you need to do is make one call, to JV/M.

Find a Need and Fill It

The secret to success in life - in business life, at least - is to find a need and fill it.

(If you combine that concept with "you have to give, to get," you get the Lead Generator, of course.)

But it's amazing how hard it is to find a need. Most people and businesses have needs, but they hide them. Why? Because they're too busy trying to sell something. How ironic is that?

So vendors have to guess what their prospects need. How dumb is that? Wouldn't it be better to ask?
What Do You Need?

Why Use The Lead Generator?

  • Find qualified sales leads
  • Reduce the need for cold calling
  • Increase your close-rate
  • Shorten your sell-cycle
  • Reduce your sales expenses
  • Build up a back-log of qualified prospects
  • Improve the quality of incoming business
  • Get past gatekeepers
  • Penetrate new market segments inexpensively
  • Communicate directly with decision makers
  • Prospect more effectively
  • Increase sales profitability
  • Access a dynamic source of sales leads -- 24 hours a day
The Lead Generator is a service of
JV/M, Inc., 1221 N Church Street, Suite 202, Moorestown, NJ 08057
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